Mechanics & Bike Industry Corner

When I was just out of college and still working in a bike shop I wrote a story for a now defunct cycling trade magazine. I didn’t even know what a ‘trade magazine,’ or ‘business-to-business,’ publishing was but within two years I would be hired by a trade publisher that covered the television and radio technology industry. In a way I wish I’d applied at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News way back then,  but the job I took at a small but rapidly expanding company allowed me to do things an ‘editor,’ would not do at a big publishing house. And I quickly became the ‘international guy,’ and saw the world, often with a folding bike and eventually with a Ritchey Breakaway in tow.

Fast forward 20 years or so, and publishing is not what it was. I’m freelancing enough to pay bills and seeking a job somewhere in the cycling world. Enter BikeBiz, a UK-based cycling trade magazine run by the publishing company I had worked for full time for almost two decades. This year, I’ve contributed well-received stories to the magazine for each issue. These can be seen below in PDF form.

From the February issue: Why Your Shop Should Sell Fat Bikes: 200 res 13-14 BB133 FatBikes_final

From the March issue: Adding-On to Accessory Sales in the Bike Shop: BB134 Mark Hallinger_v2_final

From the April issue: Would Your Business Benefit from a Vending Machine?: 14-15 BB vending MarkHallinger_final

From May: Millenial Mechanics I: Generational Learning in the Shop: smaller Millenial 1 MarkHallinger_final

From June: Millenial Mechanics II: TK