Brompton Racing, Bike Travel & The Philadelphia Fliers

The US edition of The Brompton World Championships are in New York on June 18—-I’m seeking Brompton owners to join my team … The Philadelphia Fliers!

You don’t have to be from Philly or DC or NY. It doesn’t matter.

I just got shut out of the NY team I happily raced with last year when we won a ‘Team’ BWC Championship at Laguna Seca, complete with honking big gold medals. Sign up with the Philadelphia Fliers when registering for the BWCs. Your reward will be a RedBrickBikes sticker, if you remind me ..

RedBrickBikes frame stickers are also available at the RedBrickBikes EBay store.

And maybe just maybe we’ll crack the top three teams? See the post on this subject for more details or e-mail me at